Call for Abstracts

How to Submit

Call for Poster Abstracts

How to Submit

Please send your abstract, in the format requested below, to Dawn Koob no later than Friday, March 22, 2019, at 5 pm. Submitting an abstract does not register you for the conference. You must register for the conference separately.

All members of the pain research community, especially graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, are encouraged to submit abstracts. The committee will select a few to be invited to give oral presentations during the regular agenda.

Note to poster presenters: please have your poster up no later than 8:45 am. All poster presenters will participate in a “data blitz” before the poster session.  For this you will need to give a 1-minute introduction/invitation for your poster.

Instructions for Preparing Abstracts

Abstracts will be published EXACTLY as received; please be sure to follow the formatting instructions. It is critical that your abstract is received correctly and on time so that abstracts can be included in the conference abstract guide.

  1. The allotted space for an abstract is one page (8.5 x 11) with 1-inch margins.
  2. Please write your abstract following guidelines shown in the sample abstract (see attached). When you complete the abstract, save it in the name of the presenting author.

(ie. LastName_FirstName_TPR 2019.doc)

  1. Abstracts should be submitted in Microsoft Word.
  2. Confirmation of receipt of abstract will be sent to the presenting author by e-mail. If the presenting author is not the person submitting the abstract, please indicate in the body of the email.

Submission Deadline: Friday, March 22, 2019, at 5 pm.


 Title. Please Capitalize the First Letter of Each Word of the Title and Flush to the Left Margin, in Bold Letters. Start the Author’s Name after Leaving One Line Space.

Washington GQ, Jefferson TQ, Lincoln AQ
1. Department of ___________, Institution

  1. Department of ___________, Institution

Corresponding author: Full Name, Department, Institution, 1 Street Name, City, State, E-mail:

The body of abstract should contain separate sections with the following section titles: Background, Hypothesis/Goals, Methods, Results, Conclusions, Acknowledgements (section titles in bold text). The text should be in English, typed with single line spacing, using 11 pt. Times, Times New Roman, or Symbol font for α, β, μ, etc. Paragraphs should be left justified, no indentation and a line space included between paragraphs. Black and white tables, illustrations and photographs may be digitized and pasted within the space. Underlining/Italic type may be used to stress words or phrases.

Funding sources, particularly training grants should be included in the Acknowledgements section.

Poster Guidelines:

  • Posters should be a maximum size of 4′ by 4′ (48″ x 48″).  Your poster can be smaller than this, but should not be larger.
  • Please be sure to include a funding statement on your poster, just as you did with your abstract.